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Raptor House FX is a multidisciplinary practical effects studio serving clients in film, television, and other creative industries. 

We are passionately dedicated to helping our partners turn their wildest ideas into physical reality, stewarding the craft of practical effects in filmmaking.

Old school techniques, paired with cutting edge digital design and rapid manufacturing, let us turn around projects efficiently, and to world class standards.  

Whether we are on set for a major studio, or designing a gallery installation, we take joy in the creative process and are ready to help you bring your vision to life.

Owner | Project Lead

Now Hiring !


We are actively looking for an enthusiastic and competent freelance moldmaker.

As with all our crew positions, this would be 1099 Contracted labor, on a project basis. 

Email if interested! 

Mariah Keirns

Painter | Sculptor


Miles Berwick

Shop Foreman | Fabricator

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Ben Eadie

Mechanical Engineer


Alix Messimer


Gus Williams

Mechanical Designer


Cory Moosman

Character FX Designer | Puppeteer


We are always looking for new team members! 

While the nature of the work does not generally allow for full time employment, we are always looking to add more talented individuals to our circle of potential crew. 

Please email if you would like to be considered.

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